Sunday, November 25, 2012

The best video ever!

Well that thankfulness just keeps on coming around here... :D

And the other day, (Day 24) I was very thankful that I have the technology and means to get this moment with my sweet girl Roo on video, and was able to share it with my family... so you all enjoy it too, and behold, the best video ever!

And today, Day 25, I can say that I'm very thankful that the Hubs is currently vacuuming our house very scrupulously...all three floors! I'm very thankful that the Hubs can (and more often than not, is!) be very helpful around here and get things done for me while I'm nursing, or just playing with Aurora. :) I might bust his chops now and then because it can definitely take him a while to get a project finished, or he might leave things laying around waiting to be put away a little longer than I might like, but I am very blessed to have him...

I had a terrible night's worth of sleep last night, so I'm wiped out and we're skipping our weekly church service this evening in favor of me relaxing and resting, and the Hubs tidying up a bit, and trying to catch up on the infamous 'weekend' pantry project...the hope is to have that done by the end of this coming week, so fingers crossed!

I really do hate missing church, but I have that zombie feeling today from being so tired, and Aurora must be hitting a growth sport too because all she wants to do the past few days is nurse and nurse!
So we'll cuddle up and rest tonight, try to be super productive this week and have a ball at the Sunday service next week!

Have an amazing week this coming week, darling readers, God bless you all! :)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the video and may