Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The one where she gets all patriotic...

Today is a pretty big day in my native country...

as most of you would know, it's election day in the USA today! :)

Meaning: in the wee hours of the morning (European time), there will officially be a winner declared in the 2012 presidential elections...

So exciting!

So today, I'm appropriately thankful for my country of birth.


Day 6: Thank you, Lord Jesus for the USA. I love where I live now, that's no lie. But I will forever be proud of the land in which I was born and raised. I especially love and am proud of the history of my homeland, and always blown away at the diverse natural beauty it possesses...I can't wait to visit this coming summer, and take my daughter to visit such an amazing country.

I also voted absentee last month, and will be very excited to see who is declared the winner of the elections!

I hope all my fellow American citizens reading this got their votes in on time. It doesn't matter who I voted for, or who you're voting for, but just that we do vote. Too many amazing and brave men and women have fought and even died for us just to have the right to do so!

Happy Election day, everyone! Make your voice heard!