Monday, December 3, 2012


It's already December, and Advent has fast has this year flown by?!

Yesterday the Hubs and I put out our Advent candles and had the first one lit all day, until we went to church that evening...

Does your family light Advent candles in your home?

This is actually the first year we've done it ourselves. :)
It's a very common tradition here in Norway (most of Scandinavia too, I think!), and I think it's super neat!

Why leave such a beautiful custom and reminder of the celebration of the birth of our Savior to just see at church services?

I would totally recommend lighting Advent candles in your family's home this's just lovely.

Anyway, it's definitely looking like winter around here!

Today the sun dipped down behind the mountains before 2:00 in the afternoon! When winter begins here, it just sort of crashes in on you all at once!
It's so beautiful, everything covered in snow...but it is cold!

But we're staying nice and cozy here in the house, with the help of our lovely woodstove...

And some cuddles under warm blankets with furry family members during naptime...

Stay warm, everyone!