Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Residency and a letter...

Well, I finally got around to writing Aurora another letter...she's four months old today.

Time has flown like crazy since she arrived in August!

And the Hubs is away on business in Germany all this week, so Roo and I are having some girls' time. :) Today she was SUCH a well-behaved baby! We got up and went into town to the police station, so I could order my residency card...

Did I even mention that here, darling readers?

If I didn't, I'm super excited about it! I'm done with re-applying for 1-year visas every year to stay/work here in Norway...I was granted permanent residency just last month!

So I had to head to the police station today to get my photo and fingerprints taken so my identification card could be ordered. Fancy pants.
Anyway, the lady working at the immigration desk offered to hold Aurora while they registered my photo, prints and signature...I was SURE she would scream, being suddenly given to a stranger, but she just sat there on the lady's lap and watched me do my thing...to the delight of all the ladies working in the department. Lol.
Then we ran to the market on the way home where she chilled in the Moby wrap and let me get my shop on...the only time she made a peep all afternoon was when we were stuck in roadside construction for more than 10-minutes and she couldn't understand why I wasn't letting her out of her carseat if we weren't moving.

What a good girl!

Anyway...here's that letter, darling readers. I hope you all are getting prepped for some great Christmas activities next week!

December 18, 2012
4 months old

Dearest Aurora,
I’ve been meaning to sit down and write you one of these letters for weeks now, but tearing myself away from caring for you 24/7 isn’t always easy!
In the past couple of weeks you started rolling over. We’re so proud of you! You’re only rolling from your tummy to your back just now, but you can do it pretty consistently. It’s putting you on your belly at all that’s difficult: you hate it so much and usually scream and scream until we roll you back over or pick you up!
Last week at our evening Bible study you had your first taste of real food, it was so exciting to watch! I don’t know if it’s from when you we’re being fed formula in the NICU by the nurses and they used little cups, or if you’re really just a baby genius, but when I bring a glass close to your mouth, you grab onto it with both hands and try to put it to your lips all on your own! You’ve only tasted water and some homemade red currant juice just now, but you’re eager and grab at anything Daddy or I are drinking!
That same night you tried some of my Clementine orange too…I bit the tip off of one of the slices and you sucked and sucked on it, getting all the orange juice out…you got angry when I took it away from you! You’re so ready to grow up, Aurora…it’s amazing.
Since then, you’ve had another little bit of orange and you gummed an apple slice I was holding a bit and sucked some of the juice from that too…I’ve decided to start making you baby food myself after the new year…probably in February. Until then, you can just have little tastes of different things…
You’re so vocal now, my sweet girl! You laugh and laugh when you watch Mickey Mouse or the Muppets on TV, and will chatter to me for minutes on end…you’re most talkative before bedtime…I think it’s a tactic of yours to prolong sleeping! You’re still sleeping very well. We put you down when you get tired (usually between 11:00 – 12:00 at night) and you will sleep until about 10:00 the next morning.
You recently grabbed onto your feet for the first time too. So now, whenever you’re flat on your back, you have your feet in both hands…and sometimes your mouth too! You especially love doing this when I’m changing you, or when I tuck you in under your blankets at night…I have to hold the blankets down over your waist until you start falling asleep, otherwise you just kick them straight off!
Your Daddy is away on business this whole week, and I can tell you miss him…you kept looking at his side of the bed last night, expecting to see him. It was so cute.
The other day I had to reorganize all your clothes in the nursery because you’re officially into your 3-6month size…it was sort of sad to pack up all your little baby clothes…you’re getting so big, I can’t wait to see how you’ve grown when we go to your check-up next month.
You’re still very much a Mommy’s girl too, Aurora. Almost always, if I’m not holding you myself or easily within your view, you get very upset. I keep telling your poor Daddy not to take it personally, but it’s kind of funny sometimes how by just walking into the room I’m in with you, you will calm you down when Daddy has you. If you’re screaming for me, and I reach for you to take you from your Dad after you’ve been upset, you do this dramatic, really loud cry/gasp/gulp thing that always makes us laugh. It’s like you’re saying; “Oh thank God!” after I wrap you in my arms again. You silly thing.
We’re getting ready for your first Christmas now. You love the pretty lights on the tree, and were enjoying watch snow fall outside our window the other day. You already have so many presents under our tree from your family in the States! You are a very blessed little lady.
We’re planning on spending the 23rd, 25th and 26th with your family here in Norway, and opening our presents and going to church (just the three of us) on Christmas Eve. I’m very excited to share our family’s traditions with you.
You’re napping just now on me, and will probably wake up soon, so that’s all for now.
Waking up next to your smiling face every day is the joy of my life, Aurora. And watching you grow up is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen or done.
Mommy loves you.