Monday, January 21, 2013

A busy week...

Well is it just me, or did this past week just fly by?!

I had sworn to myself that I would pop up a blog entry at some point last week...while Aurora was napping, or the Hubs was home playing with her and I could have a moment on my computer alone...but I flopped yet again!

My humblest apologies, darling blog readers.

Anyway, last week was super busy for us, so maybe I have a bit of an excuse...

A week ago today our little Roo has her 5-month physical at the doctors office...5-whole months already! She's growing up so fast!
She is up to 13 pounds now (about 6-kilos), took her booster vaccines like a pro, and is a healthy little monkey.
Mommy couldn't be prouder and more astounded at how amazing she is every day. :)

Last Wednesday, we headed to our church's weekly Bible study at our friend's was great as always, and I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew because I ended up agreeing to lead the Bible study myself this week!
Eeep! 0_0
I admit, I'm super excited...after all, teaching and lesson planning is something I have a master's degree in! But I'm a little self-concious too, because my personal Bible is in English (and that's how I want it!), and the rest of our group all reads their own Bibles and usually conduct the Bible study itself in Norwegian or Swedish. This will be the first English-language Bible study session ever!

No pressure there.

My Bible buddies all told me they were really excited to have me lead the Bible study this week, and to just go ahead and do it in English, we could work out translation kinks if we needed to, as they would arise...

So I'm planning on working out a little study guide to use for all of us later this evening...I think I have a pretty good topic, so I hope everyone enjoys it and I can manage to lead an entertaining and meaningful study hour!

The Hubs and I also hosted a little dinner party last Saturday for two other couples in our church (and their two little babies!) that we've become good friends with.
I whipped up an American treat that none of them had ever had before in the form of some yummy vegetarian chili,and homesteader-style cornbread. We also had some salad with blueberries and almonds and I filled my three-tiered cake server with cookies and chocolate for desert.
It was really fun and we had guests laughing and talking in our living room until midnight to prove it! :D
I can't wait to do something like that again...

Anyway, the Hubs just got home for the day, so I'm off to the kitchen to make some dinner...I'll be sure to post on how my Bible lesson goes this week, so wish me luck!