Sunday, January 27, 2013

A lovely weekend...

Are you all having an amazing weekend this week? I hope so! :)

The Hubs and I have just laid low this weekend...yesterday we both bundled up, leashed up the dogs, and I wrapped Rory up on me and we went for a little family walk.

Bundled-up, no makeup, pink teddy bear wrapped up and all!

Not a very long one, just down our long country drive and back up again through the empty sheep pasture...but it was quite the workout slogging through a couple of inches of thick, wet snow!
All of us were exhausted by the time we got back and Roo had passed out in her little teddy bear snowsuit and napped away most of the walk in the snowy fresh air.

The view from our side was snowing in the mountains so you can barely see them!

 When we got home, she kept on sleeping for nearly two more hours, so the Hubs took the time shovel our walk and driveway, and I sat down with my Bible and a cup of my favorite tea and got some quiet time with the Lord, my little Roo snoozing next to me...

Passed out halfway out of her bear suit...

It was lovely.

Today we slept in, the Hubs played some video games, we made a hot (late) breakfast and now we're all three cuddled up on the couch watching old movies on TCM watching the snow pile up outside the windows...we've also had a game of Monopoly going for a few days now, maybe we'll try and finish it up finally!

It's been a really lovely, blessed weekend. Nothing fancy, just cozy family time.

I need to toss a load of diapers into the wash, then get cleaned up for church, so I'll leave you all with a video of my precious girl trying some new food. I took it the other day after I had made her some asparagus and potato baby food...take a look!

And have an amazing Sunday, everyone. God bless!