Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hooray for reading!

Well darlings, I just finished my first book of this new year (not counting graphic novels)...

I mentioned it a couple of  posts ago, but to refresh your memory, I had been reading this:

Here's a great review by the New York Times...

As I had suspected, it was amazing.

It was truly a great start to my 2013 reads. :)
And I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good, non-linear, family saga in true post-modern form.
It left me feeling optimistic about jumping back into my books this calendar year.

So I've decided I'll set a very reasonable goal for myself, and aim to read one-two books a month this year...sort of a low-goal for a girl that could easily read an odd dozen books a month. :/ But that girl didn't have a 5-month old baby to care for either!

So anyway, with a goal like that, I'm sure to easily surpass it and just end up feeling great about myself! How's that for a strategy? ;)

Anyway, I'll be moving on now to a book I purchased quite some time ago, as I was quite excited about it when it came out...and I'm finally getting around to reading it!

Any of you darlings read it?

I really loved Karen Russell's book of short stories:

And this book is based off of one of the stories in that collection.

Hooray for reading, right? ;)

What are you all reading? Did you set any reading goals for yourself this year?

And as always, my darlings, should you decide to take me up on some of my own recommendations mentioned here on LiO, please remember to support your local booksellers. They need your business.