Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What up, 2013?

Well my darlings, I very unfortunately am having a serious problem falling asleep at the moment, so instead of just laying in bed plotting out blog posts in my head and listening to the Hubs snore, I decided to grab my laptop and get to work!

I've been meaning to post on a fairly common topic during this time of year, for the past odd week or so now...

You might be able to guess that I'm talking about the topic of new beginnings.

Some people make resolutions at the beginning of the year, or a list of goals.
While I love the kick of motivation that a new year brings -and we all know I'm always down to make a list or two- more often than not by spring (or sometimes before that!) lots of people have problems keeping up with their own expectations and goals...

I guess I'm hoping to avoid that by labeling my list as a not one of resolutions, but instead one of hopes for myself for the fresh year...I'd love to hear if you, my darling readers, have made similar lists yet, or if my humble list inspires you at all, so do let me know!

That being said, here we go!

Kirstin's hopes for 2013:

 1. Be kind.
I'd like to think that I'm a pretty kind person already, and that it's part of my nature. But I also know that I can come off as belittling, patronizing or even condescending sometimes, especially when a topic or situation comes around in which I'm more knowledgeable or versed than whomever I'm speaking to.
For that reason, I'm going to try my hardest to project the kindest, most sincere and genuinely good attitude I can this year.
And that's aimed towards any and everyone. Especially the people I love.
It won't always be easy to resolve to be sweet and kind regardless of how frustrated or stressed I am, but I'm up for the challenge, and as a very wise man once said; "Be the change you wish to see in the world" (Mahatma Ghandi), I know that this hope will be something amazing for me to accomplish.

(source unknown)
 2. Get in shape.
There it is, right? That tired old resolution that everyone makes at the beginning of every year.
Yes, I admit it's definitely a cliched one. But it's a hope of mine that I'm putting out there nonetheless...and one I'm really going to try to kick into gear as a lifestyle change and not just something that burns hot and fast and sizzles out by spring!
For me though, I can admit (not without shame!) that while I'm naturally petite and small, it's been years since I've actually been in good shape. I think that had I been in a better state of physical fitness when I got pregnant with Aurora and had maintained that fitness throughout my pregnancy, I would have had a much easier labor and birth experience, and would be feeling much better about myself now too!
So while losing some leftover baby weight is on the agenda with this hope for 2013, I purposely am not referring to this hope as just a weight loss plan. I really need a lifestyle change. I genuinely want to start exercising regularly so that my body will feel and operate better all around! The Hubs and I are planning on getting a treadmill soon so that I'll be able to really start taking my physical health more seriously on the the daily, no matter what...bad Weegie weather or not!
I'm going to have to drive myself on this one, especially at the beginning and I know that...I've never been someone that loves to workout or exercise, but I hope I can at least make peace with needing to do so!

 3. Read more, spend less time in front of screens.
I've always been a book worm, and have preferred reading over television and other modern entertainment, but especially since Aurora was born, I haven't managed to read hardly anything, and end up spending a lot more time with screens to entertain me than I ever have before...
So one of my sincere hopes this year is to go back to what I enjoy more...books!
I've got plenty of books laying around that I want to read, I've just got to resolve to pick them up instead of turning on movies when Aurora is napping...it's much easier to just daze out in front of a screen than challenge yourself with a book (or even a puzzle!), but we all know what's better for you in the long run.
This hope also includes spending more time reading my Bible. I encourage all of you to do the same! Even just ten odd minutes a day is a great standard to set.
So bring it on! I can't wait to jump back into books! :D I just started an especially good book the other day, so I think I'm off to a good start on this one.

(source unknown)
 4. Modesty over convenience.
Isn't that quote by Emma Watson great?
While I don't necessarily need or want people wondering about what's under my clothes, I do have a hope this year associated with modest dress...
As some of you might already know, I started a self-proclaimed 'pantless revolution' a few years back. (The spring of 2010 to be exact.) It started off based on need and a genuine preference for skirts and dresses...then as I studied up on the subject more and more and really spent some time reflecting on it, I realized how much more flattering, feminine and modest I could feel in skirts and dresses instead of pants...
I can't remember where I first found this photo, but I just love it! I consider myself to be a feminist, with a skirt on or not!

Now that's not to say I don't respect a woman's right to choose her own clothes...whether that be pants or skirts! It's just an idea I came to regarding myself and my own fashion choices...
Anyway, the last odd month of my pregnancy last year I did end up wearing pants again...for the first time in a long time! I don't regret it, and am now, nearly five months after delivering my precious baby girl, still wearing pants...
But my hope for 2013 isn't a pants vs. skirts type hope...
I'm fulling intending to wear both pants and skirts in 2013...and indefinitely for that matter! But with this decision to also wear pants out in public at times, I'm giving myself not just a hope for the year, but an initiative too: to make sure that whatever I'm wearing, I'm still being modest, and not putting my body on show with tight or revealing clothes.
This is a much bigger challenge than it ever has been before since I'm also still exclusively breastfeeding my daughter! When you're dressing to leave the house (and go wherever!) and your primary concern is; can I nurse my baby in this?, modesty can end up taking a backseat to convenience.
So though I'll be nursing throughout this new year, I'm resolving (there's that word!) to stay modest no matter what!

And for now, that's my list of hopes, resolutions, goals, or whatever you want to call them, for the new year.

Let's all resolve to have an amazing, blessed year, no matter if or how many resolutions we're starting off with.