Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sick photo dump...

Well around these parts we are officially all sick. :(

 Rory started it with picking up a bad cough early this last progressed into more and more coughing, then a bit of a fever along with a seriously snotty nose. Poor thing.

 On Thursday we took her to the after-hours clinic since that was the day she spiked a fever, was fussily tugging on her ear and was really a little snot machine...but thankfully the doctor didn't find anything, just a baby with a cold. 
He said that if she wasn't getting any better in 3-5 days, to come back and see what kind of medicine they could round up for her...

 Well tomorrow would be the fourth day, and she also happens to have  her well-baby 6month check-up...and though she's in high spirits and just generally is acting more like herself today, she is still really snotty and coughing hard.
Its hard to see my little one so miserable for this long!

To really put the icing on the cake, then today I also woke up feeling like total poo. Now I have the cough, a pounding headache and excessively snotty nose too. 
The Hubs isn't quite on Aurora or I's level of yucky, but he's not feeling much better himself.

I guess you can only have your precious child coughing directly into your face and using you as her personal hankie for so long before you succumb to the cold yourself.
So we played hookie from church this evening, and the Hubs got us some nice, greasy pizza from the kebab place out by his parent's house...and we'll all head to bed soon.

At least I got the rare luxury of a long soak in the tub with a good book earlier today, while the Hubs took care of a snotty, crying baby for me. 

What a guy! ;)

Anyway, how about a little photo dump from the past odd week, courtesy of my phone?


Roo crashed out in her stroller while Mama walks around town...

One of my favorite statues in town got painted...and it's pretty creepy now. Right? It's not just me?

Sneaky mermaid relief...

Sick baby napping on Mama in the sunshine

Took a long, impromptu drive the other day to let Roo keep napping in her carseat. The sacrifices we make, right? ;)

ps - we can drink out of a straw now. No big deal.

The football fans. Psh.

yoga moves during our morning Mickey Mouse time

A photo this good between coughing fits? That's how adorable she is. Newest best photo ever.

Have an amazing week this week, everyone!