Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Six months later...

Well, just the other day my sweet girl turned six months old...

Six months since I was huge and pregnant and praying for a healthy baby to be born.
Six whole months have flown by since I spent that horrible week in the hospital in the NICU unit.
Six months since my family was here visiting me.


The return of the church-lady in her fancy clothes! :D


Look at that beautiful baby. God is so good. :)

So the other day I managed to write my girl a letter and wanted to post it here for you all...enjoy!

February 18, 2013
6 months old

My dearest Aurora,
You are six months old today.
This letter won’t be too long, my angel, since you’re awake and fussing for me in your Dada’s arms right now…but it was past due to write to you, and you’ve grown and changed so much since the last letter!
You have two teeth now, on the middle, bottom of your gums. They’re about half way out each, and you’re already pretty good at biting with them! The first tooth cut through your gums right around four months, and the second one followed just a few weeks after that. You only got a fever and seemed to be bothered by the first one cutting its way out…
You just started trying to kiss me back actually too, and its pretty funny…you’ll take both your little hands and grab on to my face or neck then open and close your mouth on my skin…sometimes you’ll try to suck on me or chew with your teeth while you do it. But if I just let you, then thank you for kissing me and smooch you back, you always smile and look very pleased with yourself for figuring it out.
You really like to jump all of a sudden…your Dada and I will just barely bounce you in our laps and you use your knees to jump and jump. You think its really fun and we do it every day for you. Since you’re pretty good at standing on your own feet now (as long as we support your hips), I’m sure it will only get to be more and more appealing to you to bounce around like that.
You’re also really trying to talk now. The other day your Dada was holding you and you were crying and trying to get my attention, and you looked right at me and cried: “Amam!”  I was so excited and surprised that you tried to call out my name! You’ve said that a few times now, and we both can’t wait to hear you start making words more and more.
You can now roll pretty easily and quickly from front to back and back to front too, so your Dada will be setting up your playpen soon for you to wiggle around during the afternoons…you can also lift your torso up on the palms of your hands and scoot yourself back a little. That’s a huge accomplishment, but it only frustrates you because it will just distance you from whatever you’re trying to reach for, so you just scream and get mad.
You’re such a good eater, Roo. There hasn’t been a fruit or vegetable you didn’t like so far, and we’re trying ‘baby led weaning’ with you during the days, so you’ve eaten all kind of things in the past month, and you’re really good at feeding yourself! Some of you favorites so far have been egg yolks, chicken, broccoli and green grapes. You really love the hot baby cereal you get at night before bed too, and gobble it up super fast! If I take too long between bites, you’ll make frustrated “Mmmmm” noises at me!
Anyway my darling, I’ve got to go now. I’ll write you again soon.
I love you forever.