Friday, February 1, 2013

sneaky meets special

Today marks four years since the Hubs and I became husband and wife. :)

We got married in my family's church in Washington, a few hours after Sunday services, by the family pastor with just my parents and siblings as witnesses.
We had to get legally married at the beginning of 2009 so that I could apply for my visa and we could successfully move to Norway by the end of 2009...which we did! :) We had planned our wedding and did the whole big, beautiful thing in the fall of 2009, but we had already been married for months and months at that point!

Anyway, it's one of our anniversaries today!

And the Hubs played a nasty trick on me! He claims "that's what Husbands are supposed to do to their wives on special days...throw them off the scent!"

I don't exactly agree...but can admit, he did get me good.

Just after Roo and I woke up, I got a text message from him where he pretty much told me that he was going to go out with his buddies to a stand-up comedy show in town tonight. That he didn't figure I would want to go anyway, so he declined my invitation already for me, and he hoped that was all alright with him.


I was SO MAD and SO SHOCKED that he had said that!

So I sent him back a snarky response telling him that that would be a super romantic way to celebrate his anniversary, and do whatever he wanted to's also his Mom's birthday today, and we had planned to drop by with flowers for her today I also told him in the message to just do that on my behalf while he was on his way out to town with his buddies...

And I didn't call him back all day...I just fumed around the house being SO UPSET...ALL DAY with him!

Well that sneaky Hubs of mine was late coming home...later than usual...and I didn't even call and check in with him because I was still so mad!

So my jaw dropped and I was sincerely shocked when he finally came home with his arms full of sweet things for me, a big smile and a loud:
"Gotcha, babe! I'm not going anywhere today...Happy Anniversary!"

He went to the gourmet-type market and picked up some little luxuries that he knows I adore: a can of cherry Dr. Pepper, some fresh-baked bagels and the biggest deli wedge of English cheddar that the store had! (All of these thing are pricey and not easy to find around here, so they really are luxuries! But I wish they stoked it in 'diet' even's SO sugary! Lol.)

A huge, lovely, stripey orchid from the florist too!

That sneaky little devil!

The whole going out with the dudes thing was all a joke! He thought it was hysterical, that I had been fuming and upset with him all day long!

Yep, he got me good.

But guess what?

Even though I was super mad at him, I still whipped up a special cake just for him this afternoon...something special because it was cake mix sent from the States, my favorite kind too...and I took the time to decorate it with a big sugary number four...

That's love then, simple and true, isn't it?

Making a special cake for someone even when you're mad...and that someone tricking you and bringing you some of your favorite goodies.

Over the past four years of marriage our family and our lives have evolved and changed quite a bit...

This was just after we got married back in 2009, and the Hubs earned his masters degree...I was such a proud wife that day!

But these days, I'm even prouder...

Because through any and all struggles that the past four years have brought us, we're still together. Still in love.

And four years ago today, I never thought I would have such a beautiful family...photobombing white cat and all!

Happy Anniversary, Hubs. I love you. Thank you for giving me such an amazing past four years. Thank you for putting up with me. don't play pranks on me!