Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sweet dreams, baby!

Just the other day, one of my best friends in the whole wide world posted an entry on her own blog about her choice to co-sleep with her baby, who is just an odd month older than my little Aurora...

I think she expressed herself very honestly and truly, and even mentioned some of the negative stereotypes and things she's heard from others about her co-sleeping.

So if you're interested in hearing what another self-professed crunchy/granola mama has to say about her co-sleeping experience, then head over to Courtney's blog, darling readers...

I'm very passionate about the concept of co-sleeping, and Aurora has yet to sleep on her own in her nearly six-months of life... even when she naps, I'm always at least in the same room with her, if not holding her myself.
Getting to sleep next to my Husband and our daughter every night, and wake up to her little face smiling at me (and recently: her little hands grabbing onto my face and her screaming at me to wake up!), is the biggest blessing in my life.
I plan on co-sleeping with Aurora as long as she wants to be in our big family bed with us. And when the time comes that she expresses interest in sleeping in her nursery, in her own bed, I'll make that happen for her, and honor her request.
And I'm sure it will break my heart just a little to have her be so grown up that she's decided to be in her own bed.
But I'll have to let her go. And I know that.
So until then, I can honestly say I am delighted to be able to watch her drift off every night while we nurse and I sing her a lullaby. There's nothing more wonderful than sleeping all night with my arms around my baby, so I can feel her breathe and get those dreaming jabs and kicks of hers all night long...
Co-sleeping is my family's choice, and it is one that we hold very dear.

And I try not to pass judgement on others that practice different parenting styles than myself, so I'm just asking for the same courtesy.

Who wouldn't want to share their bed with this?

Does your family practice co-sleeping? 
What has your co-sleeping experience been like?

I'd love to hear from other crunchy, co-sleeping mamas out there, so leave your stories or link-ups in the comments section below!

And sweet dreams, readers. :)