Monday, March 4, 2013

Answering the call

So I’ve been meaning to make the time to sit down and write this post for a while now…Roo is happily squealing away at an episode of Dora the Explorer at the moment, so here it goes!

A couple of months ago I was asked to lead my church group’s weekly Bible study time.

I was SO excited to do it…after all, I am educated as a teacher, and what better lesson subject can you get than a Bible-based one? ;)

But at the same time, I was super nervous.

I don’t have a problem teaching or leading groups of people, but not only would I be doing this study hour in Norwegian, but also for a group of amazing, devout people that I’ve befriended here in Norway.

Even though this group of people are as nice and lovely as you can get, and all my friends from church, I still felt a lot of pressure during the week leading up to the study group time…

So I prayed and prayed on what I should lead our lesson on…the possibilities are nearly endless!

Well it took me a few days, but finally I figured out what I wanted to lead my lesson on...



Nearly everyone knows at least a little something about Jonah’s story. Even people who weren’t raised in a Christian household can usually reference his run-in with a whale…
So why did I choose such a well-known character? Not just a well-known character, but a character that occupies a very short little book tucked away in the Old Testament?

I chose to lead a Bible study group on the story of Jonah because I think that for such a short chapter in the Bible, the book of Jonah has so much to teach us.

I think the most important theme in the book of Jonah is answering the call of God.

God might not always send a giant fish to swallow us to get our attention, but the Lord will still try and re-route us, just like He did to Jonah. If we decide that our own ideas are better (or just an easier choice, like Jonah did!) and go against the call of God, instead of answering it and trusting in His wisdom, the Lord will set us straight!

So a metaphorical fish might just show up to remind us just how perfect God’s plans are for us…even if they are difficult or not what we had in mind for ourselves.

God sent a terrible storm at sea, and a giant fish so that Jonah would decide to put his trust back in God and the perfect plan…what has been the big fish in your life?

I know I’ve had my share of big fishes show up in my life; reminders from God that His way is the best way.

So, my darling readers, don’t be afraid to answer the call of the Lord. Even when it is big and scary. And don’t let a storm or a big fish scare you away from doing what is right…let them instead motivate you to put your faith in God.

Answer the call. Let go, and let God. 

And have an amazing week! :D