Thursday, March 21, 2013

Walks with friends

Well darling readers, our naptime initiative is slowly coming along...we've had days where it takes a whole hour to get Rory down for a nap, and some days it's only a half hour...I just hope the naps she's starting to take will last for longer now that she's going down in shorter amounts of time!
It's  process, right?

I'm not losing my resolve yet though, just praying for guidance and strength to do what I need to do to get Rory to nap!

And a special thank you to all the mamas who weighed in on the sleep issue in the comments section

She's down now, thank God, so I thought I'd dump some photos around here!

Rory and I went over to our friend's house the other was beautiful weather, so we headed out for a long walk on a trail along the waterfront...then Rory and I, and my two girlfriends and their little girls ate some lunch on my friend's back patio in the sunshine.

Little Rebekka has a pretty sweet whip...and baby-stunnas, obviously

In Norway, seaside trails WILL also contain sheep. Fact.

Spring just might be on the friend's flower beds were covered in crocus! :)

Roo jumped on the baby-stunnas bandwagon. And was into it.

She wasn't into playing on the floor with her little friends though. Not too much.

The Hubs has been in Taiwan since Saturday, and is finally coming home tomorrow night, we can't wait for him to get home.

Have a great Thursday, readers!