Friday, April 19, 2013

a week of photos!

Suddenly its Friday again, and around here, the past odd week has been busy and all kinds of wonderful!

I took a few photos this last week to share with you all, so here we go!

hey, I made those! :)

Last Friday, my church held our first annual music and arts festival down in Haugesund. It was really fun, and I got to help make decorations for the cafe venue before the festival, then bake treats for the actual festival day and help serve them that evening...

It really was a great night, and even though being away from Aurora and the Hubs was difficult and not something I'm used to yet AT ALL, I did manage to relax a little and enjoy myself a bit too. :)

We had a bucket with little slips of paper with fun sayings/quotes on them to hand out to people, just to make them smile!

 I would have taken more pictures on the day, but my phone died halfway through the night, boo! :(

Saturday the Hubs went out to a birthday party in the evening, but that afternoon there was a flea market in town with tons of childrens clothes and things, so we hit that up and found Roo some new pants and sweaters for great prices!

It was at such a neat venue in town too, one I hadn't ever been to yet!

On the way out of the flea market we stopped at the farmer's market in the town square...theres only a few vendors this time of year, but it was still lovely. :)

These hardcore-looking old dudes were fishermen selling some dried/smoked fish. Yum!

Then on Sunday we hit up church as usual, and Roo got to play with her little friend during the sermon...

Monday Aurora had her 8-month wellness check up, and she's growing like a weed! She's 16lbs (7.3 kilos) and two feet long (69 cm)!

Now that she's such a big girl, playing in the 'baby jail' isn't so bad any more...

I'm due to write her another letter, time just keeps flying by, and she's growing up so fast!

She's such a good eater too!

Some fly kicks that her auntie sent us that matched her church outfit pretty nicely...

She's almost always in the clean plate/bowl club too!

Then mid-week, the kittens had their first birthday...I guess they're officially not kittens anymore!

They celebrated by splitting a can of tuna. :)

Then last night I went to the local ladies Bible study gathering with my neighbor...I was so glad I did!
What a wonderful group of ladies, that all live right down the road, and I probably never would have met up with them if my neighbor hadn't encouraged me to ride along with her last night!
They meet every other week usually, and I can't wait for the next session...having a group of Christian sisters in the area is so encouraging and uplifting!

Tomorrow a fish/wildlife/wilderness exhibition is kicking off for the weekend in a little town an odd hour away from us, and the Hubs and I are planning on packing up Roo and heading over for the might not seem like its traditionally my thing, but I'm actually the one that is pushing us to go!
I guess despite not having grown-up with those kind of experiences, I do want to get more into that kind of lifestyle, so I'll be sure to take some pics while we're out and about tomorrow...but probably not of the 'how to efficiently field dress a deer' seminar at the exhibition. ;)

Are you all doing anything fun this weekend?