Saturday, April 27, 2013

E.C., Bay-bay.

We had a proper weekend breakfast today...I made waffles, and bacon for the Hubs! Roo digs those waffles!

Have you ever heard of E.C.?

That stands for Elimination Communication. Its something that some cultures around the world have always practiced with their babies, and mamas in some Western countries and cultures are starting to catch on to as well.

That includes us!

I'd encourage all mamas with little ones to at least read up on the subject and be aware of it, so I'm including a link to the E.C. web resource for my readers...

We're definitely sold on the idea around here, as its been a full week now since we've changed a poopy diaper!

You read that right. Aurora is 8-months old, and using the potty.

Elimination Communication, as you can learn from the web resource I linked to above, is essentially learning to interpret your baby's own cues and signals in order help them be diaper-free.

Its been an amazing ride already, and I'm so glad the Hubs and I are on the same page with trying to use E.C. and help Roo start to use the toilet already!

It's been very easy for us, and a big success so far.

Aurora has pooped on the potty every day for the past week, and even peed a few times on it too...I can't help but be floored over the idea!

Finding the rhythm that works for you and your family is necessary to do E.C. with your's what we do:

When we see Aurora needs to use the facilities, we just carry her into the bathroom and sit with her while she does her business atop her little potty-seat on the toilet.
We also let her sit on the potty for a few minutes when we're routinely changing her diaper.
We use the ASL (American Sign Language) sign for toilet to her while she's going and praise and praise her for it.
Then when she's done, we clean her off, put a new diaper on her again, and go about our daily business again.

Once you know your baby's cues and signals they give before they need to use the toilet, can get them to the bathroom quickly, then use tons of positive reinforcement to encourage them to do their business on the toilet while you sit near them, it's so easy to do E.C...and wonderful to not have to deal with poopy diapers too!

We'll keep practicing E.C. with Aurora, and I'm excited to see her progress with it...I can't wait until she starts showing us the sign for toilet when she needs to go!

Have you/do you practice E.C. with your babies?

I'd love to hear from other E.C. mamas out there, so weigh in with your experience in the comments section below!