Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Oh sleep.

I guess after you become a parent, it just becomes a bigger and more relevant issue than ever before!

And sometimes you can't help but fall asleep right before dinner...

I just wanted to give a sleep update from our neck of the woods...

As I had mentioned in the last sleep related post, I'm now putting Roo down for naps during the afternoon and having her sleep on her own, in our big family bed, where she sleeps every night...

Well that hasn't changed at all in general; she's still going down for a 1-2 hour nap every day, mid-day, on her own, in our bed...

The only change has been that now, instead of feeding her a solid lunch then simply putting her down and letting her soothe herself to sleep (with me coming in every 3-odd minutes to comfort her during the process), is that now we have that bit of lunch together, then I cuddle up in our bed with her and nurse her down for her nap...

I know that this doesn't help her develop her own sleep-soothe skills like my original nap-plan did, but it has been a wonderful solution and she usually sleeps great now.

Also, it's helped lead to that nap-nursing session (usually) being the only instance during the day where we nurse now.

Which is so bittersweet!

So now we're only nursing right when she wakes up in the morning, when she's going down for her nap in the afternoon, and again when I tuck her in at night to sleep.

I make her hot baby cereal around 7pm every night, then give her a bath, and she's usually nursed and fast asleep by 8pm...

Leaps and bounds from where we were at the beginning of the year, when she would stay up as late as we would and refuse to have an earlier bedtime!

When she falls asleep for the night, I leave her in bed now too, and head back out into the house to hang out with the Hubs for a bit before we get ready for bed at a later hour and join her again in our bedroom...

And just those few hours alone with the Hubs has been a great development too.
As much as I adore spending every waking minute with my baby, being able to put her down for bed, then cuddle up alone with my Husband and have some grown-up time together, to watch a movie, have a little snack, maybe chat or tidy up a bit even, just the two of us, is so nice. :)
Definitely something we have missed these past odd eight months...

Anyway, that's what the sleep situation is looking like around our parts these days.

Aurora is well-rested, and napping well during the day, but still needs to be nursed down.

So this is only a problem if I need to go out in the evening and the Hubs has to do bedtime by himself, as she also has never been interested in, and will not take a bottle of my pumped milk...
I've only gone out once in the evening on my own, and let the Hubs try and put her to bed alone, and she ended up crying for over a half hour before passing out.

Poor little love.

Hearing that makes me feel just terrible, and not like leaving her alone ever again. :(

But I've helped coordinate and put together our church's music festival that's taking place this Friday evening and will have to do just that for the second time in her life. Miss her bedtime, I mean.

Tough business sometimes, being a mommy!

So on Friday I'll pump a bottle for her again, and pray she'll take it from the Hubs while I'm away, and be somewhat soothed to sleep...

I'm really excited for the music festival at church, and it's been ages since I've been out for something fun at night (literally nearly two years ago, I think!), so I'll try not to let the weight of guilt from being away from my baby keep me down.

Anyway, I wanted to leave this post with a question for all you rad mamas out there:

If you co-sleep/slept with your babies when did you/when do you plan on moving them to their own beds?
Did you/have you planned to do so?
What about when they start to become more mobile and could fall out of your family bed if left unattended?

I'd really REALLY love to hear from some of you on this one, since Aurora beginning to crawl is going to be a reality sooner rather than later, and I DREAD the thought of putting her in her own room to sleep at night...I really want to keep her in our big bed, but its pretty high up and structurally can't have any kind of bumpers attached to it. :(