Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday photos

Well we might have rearranged plans on Saturday this week so that we ended up staying home so I could make a big family dinner for my in-laws, but it was still a really fun, packed weekend around's a photo dump to prove it!

I win at muffins, y'all. My in-laws agreed. ;)
 After church today, the Hubs and I packed up Roo and went along with my friend and her baby on a long walk around town and had a picnic was such a nice Sunday...

How rad is this new playground piece right outside our homechurch location?!

One of the victorian-era drinking fountains in the park...

this baby reigns over the fountain...just wish it had been turned on!

the art museum!

Who knew Haugesund had some rad street-art? This pedestrian-crossing tunnel was filled with a street-art exhibition that I just loved! Naughty Spongebob jacked Donald's flipper, yo.

A little rhyme in Norwegian that means: 'Follow your dreams, not the current'. :)

The Hubs liked the Mario Cart part the best...

Them swans be all over the lake...

Roo took to the swing like a fish in water! As soon as we put her in the seat, she held onto the bar and was laughing and smiling the whole time! If you 'like' the LiO Facebook page, you have access to a video of Roo's first time on the swings, so give that 'like' button some love and check it out!
Roo's little buddy Linnea wasn't too jazzed about the swings, but took her turn too!

First time down the slide!

Roo says: 'This playground rocks!' (There's my friend and her baby Linnea in the background! :D )

Daddy and Roo even went down the big slide together!

Random and freaking awesome.

Then I bought some candy.