Monday, May 27, 2013

A sunday in photos!

Yesterday was a great day...I couldn't have asked for much more on my 28th birthday!

Here's what happened!

Roo and Dada had waffles waiting for me when I got favorite!

Roo was pretty into them too...
There's an agricultural high school about 30-minutes from our house (how neat is that?!), and every year they have an 'open farm' day. You can come see the animals they've bred/raised this season, there's some crafts, and of course some yummy food...I was so excited to go!

Roo and Dada heading in! I loved getting this shot while I was walking behind them!

There was local herring for favorite!

Inside one of the buildings there were some pretty birds to look at...Aurora like them well enough, until the parrot started to shriek, then it was time to get out of there!

The school has been around since 1877!

Aren't these beautiful?

Probably the Hub's favorite thing there...a guy who farms then cures his own pork and beef sausages and meats!

This guy was probably my neat is he?

The local 4-H chapter members all go to this school, so they were selling kits of lumber to 'build your own bird house'!

The Hubs took on the challenge while Roo and I cheered him on! (He did it, folks! Now we just have to find a place in our yard and put that baby up!)
We were waving to the chickens!

How neat was he?

Roo was pretty into the ducks too!

This sow was HUGE and had about 10-piglets with her...while we were watching her, she laid down to let the piglets nurse, and Aurora laughed and clapped at their squealing sounds!

And here's the lovely old church right up the road from the school we were at!

The Hub's parents and grandparents actually came with us to the 'open farm' exhibition, and then followed us home...his grandma made some Norwegian pancakes ( called 'lappa') and fresh strawberry preserves (which I LOVE!) and we all hung out here at our house for a bit...

Then we got to talk to all my family in Nebraska on skype before Roo went to bed. My little brother was visiting from Wyoming with our family in Nebraska for memorial day weekend, so we even got to visit with Uncle Ian too...what a treat!

Then before the Hubs and I went to bed, we started watching the new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix. So far so good, can't wait to watch more tonight!

It really was a great weekend out here in the country. Lots of family, farm animals and good food...just the way we like it!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!