Saturday, May 18, 2013

Babies in bunads!

So yesterday was Norway's Constitution Day!

Everyone got dressed up in their finest...and that meant Roo put on her baby bunad and spent her first 17th of May in style!

Roo got to borrow her grandmother's silver bunad brooch for the day. The very same brooch that my mother-in-law was gifted by her grandmother to wear on her childhood bunads. Lucky gal!

We made Roo and her Auntie pose in their bunads together...Roo was obviously more into that than her auntie was. Lol.

Then we got into some comfier clothes and had dinner...Roo got to wear the paper crown during desert!

And grandma brought out some toys to play with...(that her Uncle playing next to her too!)

Now Aurora is asleep for the night, so the Hubs and I are settling in with 'American Pickers' on the History channel, and some chips and dip. Lovely.

Have a wonderful weekend, darling readers!