Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A 10-month letter...

Can you believe our Aurora Rose turned 10-months old today?

I can't!

She's growing up so fast, and it's not easy for me to sit down and write her one of my letters lately, but today I managed to do just that...

So here we go, Aurora's 10-month letter, if you please...

June 18, 2013
10 months old

My Dearest Aurora,
Time has just flown by since I wrote you last…I’ve been very busy chasing you around lately, that’s for sure!
Today you’re ten months old…nearly a year already has gone by since you were born. Unbelievable.

emptying the book basket = awesome

You have five teeth now; two on the bottom, both your front teeth on top, and one of your incisors. You cut the top three teeth all at once, which was a rough week around here, you can imagine! I felt terrible for you, with your little swollen mouth!
You’re very good at using your little teeth already, and take bites of your food like a pro…you also let us brush your teeth every evening, and sometimes try and chew on your little toothbrush.
You haven’t officially started crawling yet, but you’re so close! You can get up on all-fours, and rock your body back and forth, but when you try to actually move, you try to move both hands and knees at once and end up landing on your belly again. You’re very quick to roll around to your stomach from your back and sit right up on your own though, which makes changing you suddenly a bit challenging! You also like to practice walking, and scream with delight when Dada or I help you walk around the house. You’re trying to pull yourself up to standing on things too…and you’re almost there!
I’m sure you’ll be moving really quickly, very soon…can’t wait!

"can I really play with this remote, Mama?!"

"this is the best toy ever."

 You’re still a great eater, and sit with Dada and I for dinner every night with your own little plate. You prefer to feed yourself and not have help from us...and you WILL NOT eat mashed food. You also insist on trying whatever Dada and I are eating and drinking at any given point, and you get mad if we refuse to let you try something…just this morning you ended up eating most of my breakfast for me (and often do!), very happily. Most days, you’re only nursing for comfort now, and before you nap and go to sleep at night…but you still enjoy it very much, and I’m so thankful I’ve been able to nurse you every day of your life for this long!
You chatter all the time now too, and have called me “Ma” or “Mama” more than once! One evening this past month, Dada had to tuck you in at night because I was out taking a class in the evening…apparently when you realized I wasn’t coming to nurse you and get you to sleep, you kept pushing Dada away and calling for me!
You know all kinds of words now and respond to a few of them very consistently. We only need to ask you if you can clap, for you to start clapping your little hands together. You also can give high fives, wave your hand, smile at a camera, and pat your belly with both hands when I ask you where your belly is. You’re such a smart girl!
You just started dancing to music too: you wave your arms around, wiggle your head from side to side and bounce up and down…you love hearing music and always clap and are captivated by the live music at our church services every week.
You started laughing and bouncing on your butt when you’re sitting up on our bed too, and think that it’s pretty fun!

Handling that nectarine like a pro...
 You’ve proved yourself to be so amazing at using the potty too! We’ve been doing ‘elimination communication’ with you since around March or April of this year, and since then, you’ve barely had a dirty diaper. Your diapers are still wet occasionally, but you never poop in them anymore, and you LOVE the praise you get when you use the potty like a pro. You concentrate really hard, and when you hear that you’re doing something in the toilet bowl, you smile and get very proud of yourself. Dada and I are SO proud of you, baby, and I know you would of course rather use the toilet than go in your diaper.
I let you sit and watch some cartoons every morning after your breakfast, and you love that! Your favorites right now are; “Go, Diego Go!” “Dora the Explorer” and “The Wonder Pets”.
You love getting a chance to pet or interact with our pets, and were chasing Daisy around the room in your walker (we call it your car), trying to bark back to her! I have to stop you from trying to give the dogs bites of all your snacks, because you’re suddenly very generous, and are always sharing what you’re eating or even playing with, with whomever is nearby you…
We’re going to the States a week from today. Your first visit, and the first time you’ll meet most of your American family. I hate flying and am very nervous to take you on such a long journey, but praying for the best…and definitely praying that you’ll be social and interactive with your family members in the US! They are all so excited to see you, I know we’ll all have a great time together. We’re spending the first half of the trip in Nebraska, and traveling to Illinois for a weekend to see your great-grandparents, then flying up to Washington for the second half of the trip. We’ll be there for nearly a month…
You’re still very skeptical and wary of your Dada’s side of the family, unfortunately, and won’t let anyone of them hold you without screaming and crying…I hope you’ll be more patient and excited to see your American family! They skype you at least once a week, and you recognize them on the computer screen; talking, waving and smiling to them the whole time we’re chatting…
You’re next to me now, getting fussy because it’s nearly your nap time and I also won’t let you touch the keys of my computer, so that’s all for now, sweetie.
Mama loves you the most, my little monkey. You’re the joy of my life.