Wednesday, June 5, 2013

E.C. celebrity?

Not too long ago I posted about E.C. (elimination communication) and how we were adopting it for our daughter, Aurora...

Well that little entry ended up making its way around the interwebs to a journalist working for one of the national papers here in Norway...

And that's how I ended up in the weekend magazine edition of the national paper a couple of weeks ago.

The title of the article is: "diaper-free"

There we are, and there's my interview!

The Hubs scanned in the article for me to share with you all, but didn't get the big photos in...I'm pretty sure they were stock photos anyway, so you're not missing much. :)

It is in Norwegian, being from the national paper and all, but that second photo shows Roo and I's photo and the second half of the article, in which I was interviewed.

The first half of the article wasn't exactly to my didn't paint E.C. with a terrible light or anything, but did make it seem like a pretty silly concept that was just an American trend.
Oh well.
The second half of the article was a verbatim interview I did over the phone with a journalist about my own experience using E.C. with Aurora. That was spot-on, and I think I came across as pretty confident and versed on the method in general...I hope so anyway!

Since E.C. is just barely coming under the radar here in Norway, I was genuinely thrilled to be the consulted expert here in my adopted country!

Apropos of E.C. in general: it's still going great for us...

Better and more amazing than I could have ever anticipated, actually!

I try to get Aurora to the toilet once an hour or 90-minutes when we're home during the day, and if I can manage that, she often ends up wearing the same cloth diaper for most of the day, because she will pee every time we sit her on the pot now, instead of her diaper...with a big smile on her face!
We also use the toilet as soon as we wake up in the morning, as well as before and after any sleeping we do.
She eliminates on the toilet completely consistently now, and I can tell she's learned to hold it in until we get her to the toilet too...which obviously is the whole point!
So now it's not a matter of reading her signs and signals to get her into the bathroom in time, like it was when we first started E.C., Aurora just has learned to wait and then go when we do sit down on the toilet.
It's awesome. :)
She's happy and thriving with it, and we haven't changed a poopy diaper since we first started with E.C. training!

So the article I was featured in might be titled 'Diaper-free', but that's a bit of a misnomer for us, and many E.C. babies.
We exclusively use cloth diapers while in our home, and disposables while out and about, even though Aurora is using the toilet like a seasoned veteran. Unless you are using split-pants, or letting your child go completely bottomless around the house (which some people do, and there's nothing wrong with that!), using the E.C. method doesn't often mean a child is 100% free of diapers.

Anyway, the article definitely did have something right, I'm a convinced believer in E.C. and we'll keep at it with Aurora and use it with any future babies in our family!

Now the things we need to perfect are getting Aurora to communicate and sign back to us when she's finished using the toilet, and using toilets that aren't in our home, thus might also not have a children's seat on them.
(She's only managed to pee while using the toilet at her Grandma's house so far!)

I know we'll get these two things down soon too, I can't wait to watch her continue to grow and practice E.C. like the pro she is!

If you have E.C tips or stories to share, weight in in the comments section below, we'd love to hear from you!

And as always, darling readers, have a beautiful week!