Monday, June 17, 2013

weekend fun

This last weekend, we were busy bees around here!

On Saturday I got up and went to a local, annual rummage sale in our area while Roo took a nap at home with Dada...

I didn't even manage to take photos though, because it was SO PACKED with people that it was unbelievable! I could barely move, and it was probably the first time I've ever gone to a rummage sale and walked right back out empty-handed!
In the end, I was really thankful that I went on my own...I can't imagine dragging a baby and husband around that place!

But the day wasn't totally of my good friends from church had a little birthday party at her house for her daughter.
Her daughter was the first of the three summer babies born to our congregation last year...Roo was the final summer baby, in case you were wondering!

Anyway, there were four babies total (including Aurora), and they all got along pretty well (aside from the need to say 'no biting!' a few times!), and got to play, try some cake and practice their walking skills...

There's two of the birthday guests: Aurora and her little friend Rebekka, having just toppled over the toy basket!

And there's the birthday girl with her Mama and Papa! What a great looking family, right? :)

Anyway, it was a blast. All the babies had a great time I think, and that was what mattered, since it was a first birthday party!

After the festivities wound down, all the Daddies at the party went off together to play some football at a local clubhouse, and Roo and I headed home for bed.

Despite the drag of a rummage sale that morning, it really was a lovely day. :)

Then yesterday the Hubs was hard at work catching up on some yardwork around our house (and got tons done!), and Roo and I got to talk to her MoMo on Skype.

How was your weekend?