Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aurora is one!

Today is our very own, Miss Aurora Rose's first birthday.

Yesterday we had our friends over to celebrate, and today we invited both sides of the Hub's family for a shindig.

We must be crazy, right? ;)

Well it took hours and hours of baking and tidying up beforehand , and the family party today was a bit cramped after everyone got here...but we did it!
Two birthday parties in two days, and I can honestly say that I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and Roo had a great time playing with her little friends, cousins and her gifts...of which there were, of course, TONS.

My friend took some photos of the fete on Saturday, but I haven't snagged those from her just least I managed to take a few behold, my birthday girl!

Opening her first present, it was as big as she is! I just got finished assembling it, and Roo will have her 'Princess Songs Palace' to play with tomorrow.
The bows on all her packages were pretty fun too...

She just LOVES those chubby little princesses...and now we have almost all of them!

My Auntie sent her a Minnie Mouse shopping cart that she was pretty into...
Roo got a hold of my camera and took this one herself...a budding photographer.
She even got to hang out with her Uncle Aleks! He lives a couple of hours away and is at university, so he hasn't been around much lately...they had a nice time together. :)
Aurora and her cousin Hedda playing with her 'car'...
I managed to get some family portraits of the Hubs and his peeps too...that's the Hubs, Roo and his siblings. Some family resemblance, huh? ;)
And the whole crew! The Hubs, Roo, his siblings, his parents and maternal grandparents.

And right after I took this photo, Roo and her family happened upon a neat little game...

How flipping cute are they? I loved how they all kept playing along with her!

And that was our day today, and my darling girl's birthday.

The last year has gone by faster than I could ever imagined it could.

She was just a few hours old here...

It's been the best year of my life.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl. I hope you had a great weekend. I love you the most.