Sunday, August 11, 2013

It wasn't my fault this time...

I promise the gap in posts from this last week just wasn't my fault!
I faithfully blogged last Monday, and was intending to post again directly with fun photos from that weekend, then the Hubs and I woke up on Tuesday morning with a dead wireless router. :/
We're not sure what happened, but we ended up with a wifi-less week last week, and only got a new router and back online yesterday evening!

Anyway, as promised, here's some photos from last weekend...I'll be back around again soon with some fun photos of what we did this weekend too! :D

On the way to a local annual festival we stopped at the nursing home where the Hub's grandpa lives...he was jazzed to see us, but I'm not sure why I look so big in the photo! :/
Despite the rainy, chilly weather, we weren't the only Weegies that turned out for some fun!

Right when we went into the festival, we met this guy!
Roo got to try out the rain-shield on her stroller for the first time...and was less than amused.
Then I wanted to be this dude...I've always wanted to own/know how to use a spinning wheel! (Must have been all the fairy tales. ;) )
We window-shopped some of the vendor tents...
And watched some little Weegies having a ball on the carnival rides!

One of my favorite parts of this fair every year is the exhibition of art and crafts the local school children neat is this chess set? There were a couple of boys playing a round together, and the taller one of the two had made a few of the pieces himself...they were handcarved out of hunks of birch!
Isn't it sweet?
Country music saloon?!

Artifacts from the bronze age up until the second World War that were locally found by the metal detectors club...


So even though it was pretty wet and gross that day, and we pushed around a baby that was reluctant to be in her comfy rain-proof bubble, I think we still had a pretty good time. :)

Have you been doing anything fun during these last weekends of summer?