Monday, August 5, 2013

it's a milky month!

Hello, my darling readers!

Did you know it's World Breastfeeding month?

How great is that! :D

And in the spirit of things, I wanted to share something super neat for all my rad nursing mamas out there, check this out:

(I did not create this photo, just jacked it from FB. :) )

The info on this little photo is totally accurate, and I can say that I personally already have my nursing cover, and baby sling from this World Breastfeeding Month promotion, and they are great! :)
Also, as a new(ish) mama myself, I would DEFINITELY recommend all of the things on this August-promotion list. If you're becoming a mama soon or just have in recent months, take advantage of these offers and enjoy these super helpful, useful will only have to pay shipping costs!
(And I'm not being compensated in any way to say this things, by the way, it's just my genuine opinion.)

Anyway, nurse your babies with even more pride and joy this month, mamas, it's World Breastfeeding Awareness month!

And if you're a mama that doesn't nurse your babies, for whatever reason, do not ever be ashamed.
I would never hate on or bash formula-fed babies and their mamas, everyone has to make their own choices, and often the choice to use formula instead of nursing isn't even a choice, but rather an unfortunate remember, ladies, be supportive to your fellow mamas everywhere, no matter what they feed their babies.

Spread that baby love! :D

We had tons of fun this past weekend, and I'll pop in tomorrow to share some photos, so stay tuned, and nurse on!