Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sildajazz 2013

Well since it's already mid-week, I figured it was definitely time to share the photos from this last weekend...

Our hometown of Haugesund had their annual Jazz festival, the SildaJazz festival last weekend!
For all you non-Weegies out there, it's the Herring Jazz Festival, since our town was founded and built on the herring fishing industry...

It's super fun, and attracts quite a bit of tourism every year...actually through the month of August, Haugesund really shows what its made of, and has festivals and events every weekend...nearly every day of the month actually!

So the Hubs and Aurora and I went down and wandered around the festival, like we do every year. Ran into some neat peeps we know, had some token festival food, heard some awesome music, and braved the crowds like pros...check out the photos I snapped:

First Roo looked longingly at the epic, amazing playground equipment...soon you'll be able to play too, Roo!
We got there just in time for the parade! It was Aurora's first, and was so jammed with people that she got to watch from Daddy's shoulders so she could get a proper view. It pretty much knocked her socks off.
Too busy watching the parade action to smile for photos, Mom.
 I should mention, that the reason there aren't any actual photos of the parade is that I was stuck behind the crowds without shoulders to sit on, and couldn't see well enough to take any!

But one of my favorite shops downtown was open! It's kind of a like a little secret local art gallery/secondhand books shop that is lofted above street level and up an old, narrow flight of stone steps nestled between shop fronts. I love it.

Our favorite bakery not only had a jazz ensemble performing in the street outside their shopfront, but also brought their operation outside for the afternoon; they had a portable oven and were baking fresh buns in the sunshine and selling them for 5kroner a piece! They were amazing. :)

Like a true Weegie baby, Roo got her own oven fresh, warm bun to nibble while we strolled around listening to the music...

I wish we would have got some of this British fudge that the vendors looked so good!

Roo rocked her stunnas in the afternoon sunshine...

Get it?

This hot looking mess was a baked potato from the street cart...everything minus the bacon! It was so good, but so rich and huge and I couldn't even finish it!

I got a chance to stop into the neatest, smallest little prayer chapel that's near the harbour in was so lovely, I could have stayed for much longer! This is the main wall with this beautiful stain glass facing the can't tell from this photo but on either side of the glass the walls are detailed with carving and paint that have Bible verses and amazing cross designs. Wow.

a little window in the chapel...
At the base of the window there were all these lovely stones, most of which had Bible verse citations written on them, or little messages, and that little sign says: 'feel free to take a stone home with you'. I did. :)

Also, we have some neat street art. Just saying.
This is the biggest, central church in town and has been covered in scaffolding for a refurbish for literally years up until looks great now!
Someone got her very first balloon to play with...thumbs up all around.
Pretty good advice in a shop window...

Anyway, it was a good time, and this weekend there's more to do in town, but we'll be occupied all on our own here at our house, but our little Aurora is turning one!

This past year has flown by like I have never experienced before in my life. She's not even a little baby anymore.

We'll be celebrating with some friends on Saturday, and on Sunday (which is her actual birthday) we've invited all of the Hub's family over. I wish my family could be here to celebrate too, but at least she'll be surrounded with adoring family, even without my side around...

So I'm about to get super busy cleaning up our humble abode, and doing some serious baking  to feed everyone!

Photos will definitely follow. :)

Stay tuned!