Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mama's new ink

So I just realized something...I never mentioned nor showed off the new ink I got while we were in the States this summer!

Travesty, right? ;)

Anyway, Both the Hubs and I pulled a typical parent move, and got Aurora's name tattooed on our arms...

not a great photo, but it's hard to get a photo of your own arm! :P

So we have the same tattoo now, on the same arm, and nearly the same spot on that arm.
The only difference is that the Hubs also got Roo's birthday in roman numerals under her name.

We both just love these tattoos. Even if its not a super original idea, it still means so much to us...talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. <3 p="">
In that same sitting, I also got a neat little piece on the inside of my left calf, which I also love...

I had the tattoo artist place a little 'a' and 'i' in the Edward Gorey typeface under the illustration for my sister and brother's respective initials.
See a few years ago, both my brother and sister got sibling tattoos.
My little brother got my name tattooed on the inside of one bicep and my sister's on the other.
My sister got my name on the inside of one wrist and my brother's on the other.

And I can honestly say I have carried around a photocopy that I had made from one of my books with this sweet little Edward Gorey illustration, in my wallet for years now.
I loved it because it depicts two sisters and their little brother, just like my siblings and I...and it's Edward Gorey, whom I've loved since I was a teenager! :)

Total win.

And as of a couple odd months now, I've had it tattooed on my body.

So now all three of us have a place on our skin dedicated to each other. Forever.

I love it. Just like I love them.

I remember showing my sister my new ink before we left the States to come home, but my brother had already roadtripped with his fiancee back to where they live in Wyoming at that point, so I don't think he's even seen it...until now!

So surprise, little brother. I love you so much. And now I've gone and proved it. ;)

I love my new ink...it had been a long time coming too!

Do you have any new tattoos you love?