Friday, September 13, 2013

Monday Funday...

Since this past week was election week here in Norway, on Monday the Hubs had to head to polling station to cast his vote...

and the local polling station was in the same building as our library, so Roo and I did what comes naturally to a mother-daughter bookworm team...we headed to the children's library and read some stories!

I realized too that this was Aurora's first trip to a library! Awww. Milestone. :)

Atta girl.
Once Daddy voted, he even got in on the action!

alphabet dragon!

I loved this, situated above the reading room in the says: 'The best thing with a good book are not the thoughts it holds, but the thoughts it creates." <3 br="">

Roo found the little reading fort in the children's section and happily crawled in & out a few times!
Our little community center is pretty awesome has a library, a little cinema, a gym, activity rooms where local clubs meet, and a pretty big pool with a waterslide! :D

And there are always art exhibitions on display from local artists...

Roo and I loved the brightly colored sculptures...those are all clothespins!

these 'vases' were a sort of paper scultping...and HUGE! The tallest one was nearly up to shoulders!

More clothespins...with the sunlight shining through them and a little movement because of the air vents, Roo and I just stood and watched them for a bit! So pretty!

Since it was election time, and Norway is also celebrating 100-years of a women's right to vote, there was a really neat display chronicling all the rad Weegie ladies (since the 1500-hundreds!) that have fought for gender equality. The Hubs and I both read through all the banners (you can see them in the photo above too) and thought they were really neat!

Then since the Hubs needed a haircut pretty badly, we headed into town so he could visit the barber while Roo and I cozied up at our favorite cafe...

Keeping it casual...chewing on straws.

I got a lovely chai latte and a bagel sandwich with lettuce, cucumber, brie and apricot jelly. And HOLY SMOKES people, it was amazing.
Once the Hubs was finished and had a new 'do, he joined us and had a bit of lunch too...

This cafe is actually where our home-church group meets, and since its also right in town, there's almost always someone from our church family hanging out there during the afternoons...
We met up with one of my good girlfriends at the cafe who had just come from her ultrasound at the hospital, and we got some super top secret knowledge on her little one that is due in was wonderful. :)

Tomorrow I think we're going to take part in a big open air market and try to sell some stuff I've been cleaning out of the house over the past few months...wish us luck and little to no rain!

Have a wonderful weekend, my darling readers!