Tuesday, September 24, 2013

pretty plates

Hello, my darlings! :D

I wanted to see if any of you amazing people maybe knew anything special about this pretty little decorative plate I just got this past weekend...

Under the little sphinx design it says 'Petrus Regout & Co.', 'Maastricht' 'Made in Holland'. And has number 5044 on the top, along with what appears to be a measurement of the size too. (on the right of the symbol)

It was pretty hard to get a focused photo of the back of the plate, but I tried...

Anyway, I went with my mother in law and some of her friends to an annual church rummage sale last weekend and picked up some neat little things.

I just thought this plate was sweet and liked the plum design...so I put it up in our kitchen!

Anyone know anything about it?

What were you up to this weekend?