Thursday, September 5, 2013

The best Tuesday I've had in a long time...

This past Tuesday, with Roo happily playing with the Hubs, I headed into town on my own, to have a little 'mommy' time alone...

Something I don't think I've ever really done since Aurora was born!
And as much as I want to spend every waking moment with my baby, I have to admit that coming out of the house a little and doing some things with my friend, things my Husband wouldn't be keen on anyway, it was wonderful. :)

So I headed to my favorite cafe first for their signature 'After Eight' mocha...

It was huge, DELICIOUS as always, and looked like a sacred heart...right?

Then, while I was waiting for my friend to meet up with me at the cafe, I got the chance to play babysitter for 30-odd minutes for my beautiful girlfriend's one month old son, while she nipped across the road to grab some groceries...

I was of course, in heaven whilst rocking that precious little baby for spell... :)

Then my friend and I finished up our coffees and walked across town to the modern art museum, which I had never been to before and really enjoyed...check out some photos I snapped!

I loved this creepy little fancy cat portrait! :D

scary mannequin boys installation, right on.

hey, there's my friend!

holy smokes look at the detail in this piece! 0_0

And here's one of the rose gardens in town, that's right outside the museum.

Anyway, it turned out being lovely weather to wander around town a bit, and I loved how quiet and peaceful my afternoon was!

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home, then had to get right to work making dinner for Roo and the Hubs!

We had spaghetti. (look at Daisy creeping in the background!)

After spending a bit of time with my family again in the evening, and getting Aurora tucked in for the night, I actually hit the road one more time to head to a church meeting...

It was the first gathering for a new prayer/Bible group type session that is starting up and I am so excited for next month's meeting! :D

Have you done anything fun this week?