Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Home Sweet Home: Family Room Reading Nook.

I feel like every other post I make these days includes an excuse and/or apology! :/

Anyway, last weekend I ended up (last-minute) at an annual conference for Children's Ministry Leaders (which was AMAZING!), and this past week has just flown by!
The Hubs is up in Bergen this evening catching the big football match between our hometown and the top Bergen team...he was SO excited to get a chance to go with some friends...even if it was VERY last minute!
That's just how we've been doing things around here lately, I guess. :P

Anyway, I'll get an exciting post up soon, but to tide you darlings over, I thought I would continue to show off our humble abode...that's right, it's time for what I like to call:  
Our Home Sweet Home

Today I snapped some pics of a cozy corner in our living room...perfect for reading ( as in: perfect size for me to stretch my legs out, plus it's around the brickwork corner from the television), and a favorite spot of our cats for their afternoon naps!

The ottoman that matches our sofa fit perfectly in this corner...and after I got some mounting brackets for my antlers, the spot was perfect! Roo was determined to sit in the middle of the photo too!

This child of mine refuses to keep her eyes open if the flash is activated on the camera.
You can't even try to sneak a photo. Lol.
Here's some sweet little stacking tables I got at a local thrift store, with green leather details. On top of the table is one of my house plants, a vintage portrait (one of my favs, 1930's, young lady and her black lab in a photo studio!), an owl shaped candle burner and owl lamp. I like owls, dude.

It looks cozy, right? ;)

And that's our little reading nook near the bottom of the flight of stairs to our second floor.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing it, and thank you all so much for the sweet comments after my last Our Home Sweet Home post!

Oh, and by the way, this bark-happy maniac had her fifth birthday today...happy birthday, Daisy! :D