Saturday, February 7, 2015

our wintry cabin getaway...

We were able to spend all week last week at the cabin owned by the Hub's company...
It took about three hours to drive up into the mountains from our house, and when we finally got there, there was at least twelve feet of snow waiting for us!
The view outside the living room...
The cabin was huge and beautiful and we spent the week relaxing and playing in the snow every day. Aurora especially was in heaven, and would cry every time we would tell her to come back inside...she also got to try out skiing for the first time, and ever true to the saying; 'Norwegians are born with skiis on their feet', she took off right away and is a total natural.
Check this out! (Even if it was filmed by the Hubs, so he and Aurora are speaking Norwegian to each other.)

Then my in-laws came up for the weekend and bought the Hubs and I a little time to hit the cross-country run on our own skiis (along with my sister, brother, and father -in law), so Aurora and Luna got to play with their Farmor for a bit too. 

  We were lucky enough to randomly get time reserved at the same cabin for the long Easter weekend, and we're all really excited to go back!
Check out the snow fort Daddy dug for us!
Snow fort selfie!
 But right before we left the cabin, Aurora started coming down with a cough and fever, and has been fighting that cold all this past week...and of course I can only have my face directly coughed into for so long before I too succumb to said cold, so now I'm also a snotty mess. Fortunately Luna is at this point, proving to be immune, and our patient-0 is starting to recover, so I'm hoping we'll all have a clean bill of health very soon...
Tomorrow is Mother's Day here in Norway, so we're going out to the local Indian restaurant, and taking my in-laws with...we go out to eat so seldom, so I'm excited for a nice curry...and to not have to cook dinner and clean up my own kitchen as usual! ;)
Happy Mother's Day, fellow Weegie Mamas!