Sunday, July 12, 2015

the monthly book haul

Alright my darlings, I must know, have any of you read this series?

What did you think?

Also in the spirit of responsibility; I officially allotted myself a book buying budget for the month...which of course was a horrible idea in retrospect as now all I find myself doing in my spare time is staring longingly at the books that I didn't end up choosing this month before I blew all my dough...

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty pleased with the books I did choose this month:

It's been AGES since I read the first volume in this trilogy; we're talking at least ten years ago, but I found this boxset of the entire set on ebay this past week for a song...
got a great deal on a used copy of this, and SO STOKED to read it!
snagged the exclusive Kindle file of this novella for about 35 kroner!
this is one of my favorite books ever, and I found a hardcover copy to replace the busted up paperback I have on my shelf. :)

That seems like a lot once everything is all laid out, but everything save for the Kindle file is a used copy, and if I were to brag about my ability to shop in any category at all, it would definitely be in books.