Saturday, January 23, 2016

Only 13.

I went to the States for the holidays last month, and had promised myself (re: Husband who was cagey about luggage weight on the journey home) not to buy more than ten books whilst back in America...

you guys, I'm so awesome.

I only brought back one was a my family gave me two different Barnes & Noble gift cards.

So all things considered: nailed it.

If you've read any of these books before, PLEASE, share how you feel about them.

I'm, as to be expected, stoked to read them as they move through my nightstand rotation.

Nightstand rotation ? You might have just asked yourself. Yes. Nightstand rotation. It's a crucial system to have in place...if you're both a bookworm and organizationally obsessed. Like myself.

Behold my nightstand in all its' current glory.

I actually strongly dislike my nightstand itself, but we'll work on that at another time.

My rotational system of read books exclusively in the order in which you received them is followed by picking up the book closest to the bed (on the left), then working my way across the shelf.

With all 13 of the books I picked up in the States last month, plus a few preordered books that arrived by mail, and the considerable haul I dragged home after the annual Lion's Club used book sale in November in town, there is also at present an overflow pile atop the nightstand (visible under the candle in jar).

The rare occasions that an overflow pile is present on my nightstand, make me truly giddy.

So many books, you guys. So many books to read.

When I think about it, or look at my nighstand, I do this:

Because books.

Here's something else I would legitimately love for my darling readers to share with me...what does your nightstand look like? (or wherever else your tbr pile is).

I want to see it. It's the voyeur side of my bookwormism.

Humor me.

And read on!