Wednesday, June 15, 2016

an untraditional june post...

Whoa, mama.

June is officially half over, you guys. I cannot even believe it.

I didn't intend to take an extended absence from blogging, but as you might have heard, my family and I moved just a couple of weeks ago, and the last month has been coconuts.

Coconuts, you guys.

BUT, we're all moved now, and waist-deep in unpacking and decorating our new home.
I'll share photos of rooms as we complete our renovations...and as completely satisfied and blissed out I am about our new house, it does need renovating. Every. Single. Room, folks.
We managed a complete gutting of the living/dining room and kitchen before we moved in, so now we just have to track down a couple more pieces of furniture and put up mouldings...I'm already loving how it looks, and can't wait to share it with you all...stay tuned!

But back to all things bookish: in May, (because of all the packing and whatnot) I didn't manage to read more than my initial I didn't get to do a wrap up of the month or a TBR for this month of June.
Let down. I know.

So here's a my untraditional June post. The Hubs having literally JUST set up the computer here at the new house...

First this month, I finished the audiobook I had been listening to in the month of May, a few days after the turnover of the month:

Then I tore through a book received as a surprise (re:AMAZING) birthday present from my Aunt:

no seriously. i was stoked. and for good reasons. it was SO good!
In the past week, I also read these:

And I'm planning on trying to get through these before the month of June is over:

So how's that for an update, folks? 

If I'm not reading, I'll be unpacking...or cleaning, or doing yardwork, or chasing my children.
You know how it is, dudes.