Saturday, July 16, 2016

plug it.

Ok, guys.

I've thought long and hard, and finally come to this conclusion: if I can't shamelessly plug something on my own blog, then where else?

There's this really rad indie mag from the UK that releases its' fourth issue later this month...

And I still can't quite believe it myself, but a short story written by yours truly will be included.

I had some poetry published back when I was doing my undergrad studies, but writing has otherwise been very much de-prioritized for me in the past odd decade...but this past spring I actually forced myself to sit down and hash out some ideas and plot lines I had rumbling around in my head, then allowed myself some quiet time for actual writing, and bam.

I got published.

I'm so stoked...and still kind of don't believe it. Maybe when I'm actually holding the issue in my hand, seeing my name and story in print.


If you're interested in a creepy read, just click on the photo above to preorder a copy of the magazine.